Students lash out at ASUP and Management as they react to the ongoing strike (Screenshots)


The protracted strike embarked upon by the Academic staff union of polytechnics Unwana chapter has really gotten on the nerves of students of the institution.

Academic activities for the new semester commenced officially on the 24th day of July, 2019 and several students resumed for academic activities only for the union to declare an indefinite strike few days later precisely on the 1st day of August, 2019 to drive home their demands for unpaid PAA.

The issue was expected to be resolved swiftly so students stayed back only to be frustrated as days turned into weeks and the strike raged on. Seeing no light at the end of this marred tunnel, some students took to social media to register their displeasure and dissatisfaction with the way the issue is being handled.

Tempers went a bit high as some students lashed out at the management and members of the union for toying with their future and unduly prolonging their stay in school. Some others pleaded with the warring parties to reach some sought of compromise and get the academic semester started.

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