TV Subscribers' Privacy Policy


On Direct Messages and Broadcasts

On Our Status Space

On General Issues

On Direct Messages and Broadcasts

TV subscribers should know that Campus News will only send direct messages to their WhatsApp contacts for these reasons:

  1. To send news links of preferred news types subscribers indicated when signing-up.
  2. To send Campus News Weekly Editors’ pick contents.
  3. Campus News will only send you advert content in your DMs if we are affiliate marketing for a client. Subscribers should know that Campus News will only accept an advert for affiliate marketing after we’ve verified that the product or service is safe, relevant, and beneficial to subscribers.
  4. To send TV Show alerts when they are about to start including “gist” contents.

On Our Status Space

  1. News updates on the status will either come as texts, pictures, memes, or videos.

  2. To catch up with the latest on Campus, subscribers will have to check through the status page.

  3. Campus News is allowed to post advertisement contents of any form on our TV status.

  4. Campus News is allowed to run shows, programs, and challenges on our TV status page.

  5. Subscribers should be aware that updates beyond news are placed mainly on the status page, and if necessary, would be sent directly to subscribers DMs.

On General Matters

  1. Campus News will never ask for subscribers’ account details unless they won a competition we hosted or request that they send us money unless they want to sponsor a competition by Campus News.

  2. Subscribers should willingly make complaints on things they notice in our services on our complaints sheet on google forms here.