Kante, Bamiwo and the 6 UI Stars Missing at the HIFL Qualifiers

The qualifiers for the Higher Institution Football League (HIFL) games have commenced. The Ui Pioneers got off to a slow start after laboring to a 1-1 draw with Lagos state University. This result might be disappointing to a lot of students. In contrast, the insiders are sort of relieved that it was not any worse….


Football Events UItes Should Look Forward to After the Strike

It’s been more than four months now. UI students have been clamoring for resumption. One will think we have all missed academic activities and the likes. However, it is not only the academic activities that make the great Nigerian students hunger and thirst after resumption. In fact, when school is in session, most students hardly…

Football vs Girlfriend: How to Enjoy a Relationship with a Partner that Loves Sports

“It’s the world cup final, Cristiano Ronaldo places the ball on the spot just as Messi places his hands on his head whose attempt as you’d probably guessed had rattled off the cross bar into the stands. Penaldo, perhaps for the last time has the chance of outshining the 7time balon d’or winner. His career…