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  1. Wow this is lovely…. I never knew this much… I expect more of this article please.

  2. This is Awesome😎💫💫💫. Now I have a but more interest in anime. Keep it up, 💪🏽💪🏽

    1. A lovely write up. Not only that anime is like an escape from reality but also a delve into fantasy(creativity).
      Expecting more from you.

  3. I’m not an anime lover but I know what it feels to want to share what gives me joy with my friends I don’t find anime lovers defective it’s just that anime improves their level of imagination so much they don’t seem to know how to explain to non anime watchers which is something I really envy cos how wide ones imagination is can be equivalent to how much one can archive

  4. This is one of the most enlightening article I’ve read on anime, i now comprehend the reasons for the love of anime because i truly used to wonder why people love watching anime for i believed it was meant for kids, so I’m truly grateful for the change in my orientation

      1. (In Orochimaru’s voice) Subarashiiiii, I really like this article 😍. Really put my thoughts in words, thoughts that I’m not able to express 🤭🤭

    1. Naruto is too long for someone who just wants to start, I would recommend Full metal Alchemist or something shorter like death note or Erased.
      Really nice animes.

      1. Well said
        Guys, Joshua influenced this article , especially the introductory story. Big ups my bro

    2. Naruto for beginners?😭. It’s too long😅. Bungo stray dogs, code Geass are better start up animes

  5. I’ve always tried to get into watching anime but I never really saw the point in doing so….I have a whole new perspective now
    Thank you 🥰

    1. Temi, There are so many emotions and parts of yourself that would be unlocked when you do. ❤

  6. One underrated part of anime is perhaps the voice over artists. They know how to express themselves and capture a variety of emotions so well, it’s honestly so riveting. You’d be shocked to find out that one actor did the voiceover for like 5 different, polarizing characters; probably a female easily pulling off male voices of different voice quality. Shame on those who watch dubbed ones.
    I have seen nice recommendations here and I would like to add Hunter X Hunter and Demon Slayer to the list

    1. Exactly Timothy… It Takes a honest appreciation of art to see the beauty in those voices

    1. As an OTAKU I must say ‘SUBARASHI’ … The article conveys just what Otakus would like the uncultured to know.
      well served.

  7. Woah, this is apt. I love the the way you write. It’s excellent.

    Getting to know about the anime series today though….

    You did a good job, Michael storm

  8. Completed Naruto last year and honestly I learnt so much from the characters especially The first Hokage, Hashirama himself, learnt some principle from Itachi, Nagato, Jairaya, etc..Anime is just loaded

      1. Interesting write up Mike.
        Not an anime fan, But I’ve always wondered what people see in it, for me it’s like cartoon and I’m more a realist. But this give me an idea to some extent why they watch it, what they enjoy in it and why they’re so invested in it. Maybe now I’ll leave anime lovers in peace, esp. Josh 😂

  9. “Kuroko no basket” got me balling all right on the anime series….I love anime

      1. A little to add. For me, watching anime makes me understand my feelings. Emotions I can’t explain with words. If I feel I have an eccentric behaviour, and have no one to discuss with. I find comfort watching how an anime character tackles their obstacles

  10. I have never been an anime fan but I think this is a good insight towards how and what anime lovers feel.

    Although, I know quite some number of friends that are addicted to this anime fiction; I honestly don’t look towards starting to watch anime. The amount of episodes just insanely freaks me out. 😂😂

  11. I have many anime lovers and I wonder why they love it so much ….but thanks for this wonderful information, I now understand their perspective.And the article is so fun and easy to read,Nice one❤

  12. I have alot anime lovers and wonder what they enjoy watching in it….But I now see it from their perspective now thanks to your fun and easy to read article. I’d like to see it soon🥰

  13. Talking about that excitement u get from narrating an event,interests or passion to someone who have no idea or clue about it i can very well relate to it so uhm who m i lol… Anyway nice right up tho still doesn’t mean i’m gon be watching anime 😂😂 cos common what’s the difference between it and cartoon and i dont even enjoy watching most cartoon shows so but i wish everybody well… Do what gives you that thrill

  14. Awwn
    I’m actually not a fan of Anime, but this got me
    Like their obsession kind of irritates me like what’s so special about anime. Well its normal sha cos we all have things we’re obsessed with.
    Nice one though.

  15. Quite an interesting read, never been too particular about anime at any time but this kind of sparked something
    Nice one!

  16. What a way to enlighten us in this season👍
    It’s the time you took to carry out this research for me…
    Trust, I was super motivated with the way you analysed the “anime” character….
    Your very own await more enlightenment Brotherly.

  17. You write really well, Michael Storm!
    For the first time, I actually understand why a lot of my friends watch anime, there’s obviously more to it than meets the eye. Thank you for this. I hope to see more of your write ups soon.

  18. Na so I watch anime for the first time…Through this Article though…
    I understand now…

  19. Lovely article
    Anime is amazing!!!🤩
    The characters are spectacular!🥰

    Te kurete arigatō tegami😊💕

  20. A very captivating read, I’ll say.
    I’ve never actually watched any anime…who knows, I might try one after reading this.
    Well done👏

  21. Thank God
    Finally someone who understands what it means to be an anime weeb.
    Lovely piece
    Imma proud anime fan btw

  22. Actually…. In the past… Usually think that those watching animes are still acting like kids but now watching animes is quite interesting to me…the one I started with was Attack on Titans

  23. Nice write up boss. Found myself for the first time ever trying to consider watching Anime. 💪🏿💪🏿

  24. Thank you for this write up, Michael. I have always wondered what my friends saw in anime. I have been forced to ask them so many times too. The impressive thing is, they are always ready to enlighten you (basically, leaving everything for that moment).

    It is triggering the business woman in me. How about we have totes and t-shirts with these anime characters on them? (I am so excited).

  25. Recommended

    Anime movie : Kimi no Na WA
    Anime series : Death Note (psychological)
    Sword Art Online (Game, Isekai, romance)
    Naruto (Action, Martial arts, shounen)
    One Punch Man (Action, Comedy)…….
    ……..and so on

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