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UI Former Student Leaders, Alumni, Students and Others Knock UI Students’ Union Over Open Letter To Seyi Makinde

The current executives of the Students’Union, university of Ibadan have not had it good since their open letter to the Oyo state government went live. The letter which have stirred up the university community particularly the students and former student leaders has been the on the lips of Uites and many have lashed the Students’Union over the manner at which the letter was written.

For some, Mascot and the other members of his cabinet have allowed themselves to be used to ridicule the state governor by politicians who are currently not on the same page with him. For others, the letter is simply ridiculous and not befitting for the father of intellectual unionism. Few others also believed that the letter is simply not from the Students’ union since it is not properly signed and dated.

Few others feel the union should have explored the other options of Aluta; Consultation, consolidation, consultation again before exploring the last one which is direct confrontation.

The Students’ Union president, Adewole Adeyinka Mascot when speaking with our correspondent at midnight affirmed that the letter is from the Students’Union and urged the general public not to emphasize on the tone of the letter but rather look at the content of the letter and the concerns raised by the union. He stressed that the students of the university who reside in Agbowo no longer feel safe, have been robbed of their valuables on several occasions and few killed. They no longer feel safe in the environment and the Students’ Union has written several letters to the state government which were not acted on.

A Former PRO of the students union Ayantola Maximus on twitter faulted the choice of words used in the writing of the letter. He wrote “I just read through. it’s truly badly worded. The tone is unprofessional and rude… I think, importantly, student leaders should pay attention to separating their co-students’ intense pressure/grievances from their official writings”

Another twitter user, @oluafolabi wrote, “People are criticizing the tone of this letter but I think the letter would have benefitted more from 15 minutes of editing and proofreading. It’s somewhat embarrassing that the SUG of the top university in the country couldn’t come up with a well-worded letter.”

A former student of the university and one time Vice President of the Literary and debating society, Mr Ernesto Dibia wrote on twitter “From a citadel as intellectual as ours, one would have expected better.”.

Mr Akeju Olusegun, the erstwhile Students’ union president when contacted this morning said, he is on the same page with the Students’ Union executives and knows how much they have tried to get the state government to act. “As a former union president, the message is valid but there is room for diplomacy when dealing with the government.”

“They might have allowed stress, emotion and frustration get the better part of them but the message is valid. It is true the letter could have been more diplomatic but I am sure they didn’t mean to insult the governor and must have taken to correction”. “I trust them, they have this under control and I am sure things will get better”.

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