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  1. What kinda outdated academic calendar did you upload?!

    Does it not show then that the above information on resumption isn’t authentic?

    Please, Campus News, you’re highly placed but not for misinformation.

      1. But then you guys should check what you uploaded now,last year academic calendar. If things continue like this, no one will take your information serious again.

        Ese normal 😣

        1. The truth is that you are getting it wrongly
          It is the previous session’s academic calendar that will tell you when the new session will resume.
          So what is relevant in the calendar is the end that says “students should arrive for the commencement of the 2021/2022 academic session on Monday, 24/01/2022.”

          The senate will release the academic calendar for the new 2021/2022 session showing how the session will go later; most likely after the senate meeting on the 20th of January

    1. Please read my reply to @Temilorun
      The calendar we uploaded is the revised calendar for this 2020/2021 session that is about to end which shows when the new 2021/2022 session will commence.
      It cannot have the details of when classes will commence and all for the new session; the school will release the official calendar for the new 2021/2022 session later that contains the breakdown of classes, exams, and everything.

      I hope this helps the confusion. Sorry for the late response and thanks for trying to engage the post. We love it.

  2. Boss please check the calendar you uploaded before defending your post. The approved calender shows that lecture commences in March not January.

    1. That is for last session . Check under you will see when next session ( The one we want to start now ) will resume.

    2. Hello, what campus news is saying is that the approved calendar he posted is from the just concluded 2020/2021 session. The reason why he posted this calender is because it has the supposed resumption date for the new 2021/2022 session. Details of when lectures will commence isn’t available yet, as the approved 2021/2022 calender hasn’t been released.

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