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Top 10 Most Influential UItes in 2021

Influence is the capacity to affect the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. As the year tails out, looking back, we’ve been able to rank the most influential UItes in 2021. The list includes politicians, entertainers, leaders of significant organisations, and spiritual leaders whose day to day decisions defined the behaviour of a large population of UItes in the year 2021.

1. Olusegun Akeju

Olusegun Akeju

Akeju Olusegun is a 500 level student of the prestigious faculty of Law. He is the immediate past president of the Students’ Union. Akeju’s ascension into office was predated by a lot of controversies. First, the union had been proscribed for two years and the election of Akeju was into a new union that seemed not to have a path to thread. The administration itself was the longest the University of Ibadan had ever witnessed, it lasted well over 21months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASUU strike and other events. After serving as the number one student in the University of Ibadan for 2 years including a bulk of 2021, we can call him the most influential student in 2021.

2. Adewole Adeyinka

Adewole Adeyinka, Mascot

Popularly known as Mascot, is the just inaugurated Students’ Union president of the University of Ibadan. He is a 400 level student of Veterinary Medicine. His influence on students was evident in the recent Students’ Union election where he won his opponent Oladeji Richard by a landslide. Though few students voted in the election, Mascot however doubled the total votes of his opponent. He polled a total of 2128 votes against the 1255 votes of Oladeji Richard. Mascot is currently the number one student of the University of Ibadan with a lot of increasing influence.

3. Ayeni Otito-Jesu

Ayeni Otito-Jesu

Ayeni Otito-Jesu is a 400 level student of the Department of Communication and Language Arts. The immediate past president of The Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan, TLDSUI, the grand organizers of the biggest public speaking event in Sub-sahara Africa, Jaw War.

He is arguably the best public speaker in UI since the past decade and he has a lot of laurels to back up these claims. He is a prolific administrator, data analyst, and leadership expert among many other things. He has appeared on several panel discussions and many round table discussions channelled around personal development, entrepreneurship, student politics and governance. Ayeni Otito-Jesu was one of the recipients of JCI’s Fifteen Outstanding Persons’ Awards, FOPA 2021.

4. Rt Hon. Eniola Olatoye

Rt Hon. Eniola Olatoye

Rt Hon. Eniola Olatoye is the speaker of the 9th assembly of the Students’ Union. She is a 400 level student of the Faculty of law and a representative of Queen Idia Hall. She sits at the helm of affairs of the legislative arm of the Students’ Union. She presides over 127 other honourable members of the house who in turn represents the interest of every other UIte. Her position in the Students’ Union leadership has guaranteed her position on this list as her actions and decisions affects every other UIte either directly or indirectly.

5. Pastor Femi Lawal

Pastor Femi Lawal

Pastor Femi Lawal is a final year medical student and the immediate past president of the Association of Unibadan Christian Student Fellowship (AUCSF), the largest organization in the University of Ibadan. The association boasts of over 60% of the total population of students on campus, a huge number, and it comprises a large chunk of all Christian fellowships on campus.

While he was president, the organization held her yearly programmes with thousands of attendees including AUCSF fresher’s welcome, Theme declaration service, Watergate service, and Exploits of Faith. Influential Men of God who graced these programmes include Pastor Emmanuel Iren, Rev. Bayode, Pastor Sola Osunmakinde, Rev. Gbenga Kotila among many others.

While he was serving as the president of AUCSF, he doubled as the President and Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement, a student fellowship on campus. His tenure as president of AUCSF is the longest as it spanned over 21 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ASUU strike. His tenure as president featured a strong move of God on the University of Ibadan Campus.

6. Sigma Chief Habeeb Olarenwaju

Habeeb Olanrawaju, Sigma Chief

The Sigma Chief is the Sigma Club, the embodiment of the tradition and culture of the Sigma club in a person. Sigma Club is the longest existing social club in Sub-sahara Africa.

Habeeb Olanrawaju is a 500 level student of the Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology. He is the current Chief of the Sigma Club. During his watch, the club celebrated her 70 years of existence. The celebration was a month-long event that had a musical concert, charity walk, Sigma Convention, Sigma guest luncheon and induction.

The Sigma Club is a socio-philanthropic club with several activities channelled towards the general public. Some of these activities include the Sigma Scholarship scheme, Sigma secondary school Quiz Competition among many others. The resultant effect of Sigma actives is felt by a lot of people, hence the position of the Sigma chief on this list.

7. Animashaun Fareedah

Animashaun Fareedah

Animashaun Fareedah is the immediate past president of the Junior Chamber International, JCI University of Ibadan, local organizing chapter.

Fareedah is a 500 level student of Veterinary Medicine and an Idiaite. JCI is a non-profit organization that boasts over 500 members at the University of Ibadan which makes it arguably the largest club by population on the university campus. While serving as president, JCI University of Ibadan organized several functions many of which the students’ population of the University of Ibadan were direct benefactors. Some of these events include Tunde Oshobi Public Forum, and Lanre Bello Inter-faculty Debate among many others.

8. MC Twinkle

MC Twinkle

Adedigba Toluwalade Ademola popular known as MC Twinkle is a 400 level student of the Faculty of Arts, Department of Theatre Arts. He is a comedian, skit maker, and hype man.

In UI, Twinkle has become a brand name that everyone is happy to associate with. His craft has made way for him and his popularity among students cannot be questioned. One additional way to guarantee a huge turn our at your party dinner is to secure the services of MC Twinkle and you are in for tickets sell-outs. This is a huge validation of the level of influence MC Twinkle has at the University of Ibadan.

Twinkle has performed at a lot of events and a remarkable one in 2021 was the birthday bash of popular skit maker, Kiekie. He also bagged an ambassadorial deal in 2021 with Unicoin.

9. Ejiemeka Sebastian

Ejiemeka Sebastian

Popularly known as Sebastian or Seba for short, he is the serving Hall Chairman of the great Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, arguably the largest of all halls of residence in the University of Ibadan. Sebastian is a 500 level student of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology and a major stakeholder in students’ politics in the University of Ibadan.

Sebastian is the embodiment of the Baluba tradition in a man and a complete representation of the culture and traditions of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall. The strategic position of Zik Hall in the politics of UI makes Zik Hall a force to reckon with hence, Sebastian’s influence. As the old lines say, “when Zik sneezes, UI catches a cold”.

In his watch as Hall Chair of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, the hall grew in leaps and bounds and the traditional Zik Hall week was the icing on the cake as a full expression of Zikism was released to the full glare of the ever excited audience.

10. Eniola Francis

Eniola Francis

Popular with the name Sirphrancisco is the immediate past president of the prestigious Faculty of Arts, the largest faculty in the University of Ibadan. In UI, the most dramatic election is the AFAS election and it just shows the nature of the faculty itself, filled with people of intellectual acumen, academic grit and entrepreneurial glamour, AFAS never disappoints.

Being the AFAS president, Eniola Francis presided over a large number of students and his decisions had a direct impact on the entire UI student community either directly or indirectly. His tenure accounts for a whole lot of success, of which one prominent one is the emergence of the Faculty of Arts as the winner of the 2021 edition of Jaw War. Also, with Sirphrancisco as president, AFAS held her annual AFAS week that had 9ice as the headline artist.

This list of the 10 most influential UItes in 2021 is in acknowledgement of the activities of UItes in the year 2021.

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