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Top 5 Fashion Trends That Rocked UI in 2021

I doubt if there’s a smart short definition for fashion. 21st-century fashion is dynamic, almost everything just out of normal, and inclusive could be deemed fashion.

Now, is Fashion the common dress culture of a people or the unique and intentionally strange things individuals wear? Like who is fashionable, the common dresser or the unique, and sometimes far-end dresser?

Time will fail us to argue fashion, so we stayed with the common, and have therefore outlined a couple of common fashion trends that rocked the University of Ibadan in 2021. These trends should not be strange to you as you might have yourself craved one, wondered at another, or partook in this or that.

1. Piercings

First on our list is piercings. Since time immemorial humans have pierced skins for several reasons, fashion inclusive. However, 2021 was literally “Our Year of Piercings” in UI. Both male and female students got pierced this year. Several students picked a nose piercing or an ear-piercing, probably the first ear piercing for the guys, and an extra for the ladies. For most people, the noserings looked nice, for others, let’s not just talk about it.

2. Hair Dying

How about hair dying? This moved from gold or brown tints in UI to “rainbow” tints. Could we really call it hair dying or hair painting for some? Any of the two; I guess you “gerrit”. We saw a whole lot of colours in 2021; every day was another opportunity to see a newly shaved hair with some nice colour tint.

Students from different faculties and departments across the university jumped on this trend in 2021; however, students from the Faculty of Law and other professional faculties could only watch from afar. Maybe such students should have sung the Tik Tok American-induced sensation, having coloured hair doesn’t make you unprofessional in class.

3. Baggy Jeans

I’m sure when many students got hold of the information that U.I was resuming physical classes many unanimously decided to loot their parent’s wardrobe (especially their Father’s) of his 90’s and early 2000’s denim trousers… sad for the poor baggy jeans.

2021 saw students rock baggy jeans to classes, hall week rallies, seminars and conferences and even to church services.…..we have to drip for the Lord….Gloorryy 😁.

The combination of baggy shirts with these baggy trousers with some nice pair of white sneakers (Air Max preferably😊) was a norm for some guys and for the ladies a pair of plain tops at crop length with baggy jeans was just great. Laced with some lines of waist beads with popping lipsticks and some nice shades was perfecto. Add a striking sun-kissing pose at the front of the economics building and it seals the drip; some Temsbaby stuff in there and you really don’t need no other body.

4. Crocs

We wouldn’t do justice if we forget crocs. How dare we forget the king of all footwear in UI? No matter who you are or what you are wearing on your legs, 2021 was for crocs; no cap.

Originally designed as boat shoe in 2002, crocs have risen to become a regular feature on the roads of UI. Almost every student has crocs and even Abefele and staff aren’t left out. The comfy feel, easy wearability, and near-zero cost of maintenance make crocs desirable. Also, you might just have to walk a long distance when you don’t get marua so you’d rather hop on your crocs to ease your walking. Yea, a comrade with prestige ✊

5. Bikers’ Shorts

One thing for sure was that the number of bikers didn’t increase in UI even after Awa bikes lunched; however, no other year has seen UItes wear more Bikers’ Shorts than in 2021.

Thanks to the ladies, we got some dope dress combinations with these Bikers’ Shorts. Yes, as known with body cons which practically sits tightly to the skin, they left little to the imagination. But with a good plain Tee-shirt and a good canvas, you might just have to look again to get full pictures of everything 🌚.

Other fashion trends that rocked UI in 2021 include Cargo pants, Ankara shorts, Alte vibes, Ashewo shorts for the guys amongst many others and Durags.

2021 has been pretty much filled with different fashion trends and some students really came out good with it and it was dope. 2022 is another year, what will the trend be? Fingers crossed; I’m sure we’ll get something classic.

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  1. The list makes sense, but I believe instead of piercings, tote bag should be on the list. Almost everyone on campus carried tote bags in 2021 from “Do agric” to “scientia”, to “AFAS” to other uncostomized and individually customised ones.

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