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Jaw War’21 Quarter Finals: Arts, Dentistry Zoom To Semis, a Loss For The Economists

The University of Ibadan was all pumped up for the quarter-finals of Jaw War’21 that was held at NFLT, Faculty of Science on 13 October 2021.

The quarter-final pairings had Faculty of Renewable and Natural Resources Facing off against each other, the Faculty of Social Sciences also had to battle with dentistry. Surprise winners of the first round, Faculty of Agriculture who bundled our favourites, Faculty of Law faced off against new boys Faculty of Economics. The mother of the nation, Faculty of Education faced of against Clinical Sciences.

The night delivered of itself as expected as even the heavy downpour couldn’t limit the effect of the hot punchlines the speakers dished out. The whole lecturer theatre was little with facts and logic, persuasion and intellectual ability and capacity fully on display, this is the things Jaw War is known for.

After the end of the presentation of each speaker, the judges collated the results and the boys were separated from the men. Faculty of Renewable and Natural Resources (61%) was drowned by Faculty of Arts (75%), Social Sciences had 64% compared to Dentistry’s 73.3%, (this guys from UCH came to burst every mouth and remove all teeth removable), Agric extended their dominance over Economics 74.4 to Economics 70.2,  the Economists ended the night with a loss. Education had 73.25% while Clinical Sciences had 76.2%.

Therefore, Agric, Arts, Dentistry and Clinical Sciences progress to the semifinals.

It’s all about Jaw War, while some are still standing up and speaking up, others have kept quiet.

Jaw War, Speak up, Stand up, Shut up.

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