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Breaking News: S.U Electoral Committee Declares Mascot as Winner, Richard Sends in Congratulatory Message, Says Mascot is a Better Candidate

Presidential aspirant, Oladeji Richard has sent in his congratulatory message to the president-elect of the University of Ibadan Students Union, Adewale Abdullahi Yinka, a.k.a Mascot.

The Student Union Electoral Committee declared Mascot as the winner of the elections despite the alleged inconsistency of the elections.

In a communiqué titled “SEC PUB 046,” the Committee declared Mascot winner with 2128 votes over Richard’s 1255.

Other winners include Oluwatanmi Zainab (Vice President), Bamidele Paul Taiwo (General Secretary), Arinola David (Assistant General Secretary), Daniel Abigail (Treasurer), Olaniyan Mathew (House Secretary), Olalekan Michael (P.R.O), Olawale Joshua (Sports Sec.)

In his congratulatory message to the president-elect, Richard said, “Special thanks to almighty God almighty for sparing my life till this present moment, special thanks to everyone who in one way or the other contributed to this election. Congratulations to Adewale Abdulahi Yinka (MASCOT), I’m very sure you have good plans for the union and the people vested their vote in you because they believed you are a better candidate.”

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