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Would you trust AoCs from Nigerian lecturers?

School na scam,” but then you still have to prepare for exams at the end of each semester. To some, the thought of the approaching examination period is a melody to their ears, and to others, it is the most dreaded activity in academia. However, like traffic in Lagos, examinations are inevitable. You just have to.

You wouldn’t dare to cheat your way through — you probably don’t even have the nerve to. The question now is, would you give 100% trust to AoCs from a lecturer?

AoCs (Areas of concentration) are many things to many lecturers, but certainly not expos. Some lecturers believe AoCs help to channel the reading of students; to help them focus on essential aspects of the course; to boost their preparedness for the forthcoming examination. Lecturers with this belief system would cheerfully give out AoCs to help their students — (and they are loved).

Some other lecturers also give out AoCs to prove a point: that students can’t pass their courses, or that students are lazy. And others won’t give AoCs because students are lazy and should earn their marks. Some particularly crazy lecturers, also, will freely reveal areas where exam questions will come from, but with the belief that those who are fated to fail or pass their course, will, with or without AoCs.

But for those who give areas of concentration to students, should they be trusted? Would you trust them?

Stories have been told of Nigerian lecturers who give out AOCs, but on the day of the exam, the students received the shock of their lives. In some universities, students bribe their lecturers to get AOCs (or even the real questions). Even at that, they don’t usually get value for their money. There are also instances where ladies offer pleasure to male lecturers just to get this kind of favour, one which usually isn’t guaranteed. Also, some lecturers second-guess exam questions like students because they are not in total control of the examination process and don’t equally know where the questions will come from.

In the hustle of getting a degree, would you trust your lecturers to pass exams? Or would you read like a maniac and trust your Chi for success? Comment and share experiences in the section below.

Would you trust a lecturer's AOC?

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  1. AOCs! Hahaha.

    Well, the reply we often get is: “Read everything.”

    How that statement breaks my heart! But we move!

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