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Preparation for Jaw war; TLDS holds First Ever Speakers Training

The central literary and debating society , University of Ibadan in a preparation for this year’s inter hall, inter faculty competition (jawwar) organized a three day boot camp to train participants from various halls and faculties.

TLDS President, Ayeni Otitojesu

In the words of the president, AYENI Otito-Jesu, the aim of the training is to empower speakers this year and get them to identify the intricacies of giving an intellectually stimulating speech that can be transcended to policies for national development and to correct the erroneous belief that it is until you insult your opponents that you can win an argument.

Speaking further, he advised intending participants that Jaw War isn’t a battlefield for ad hominems, it is a battlefield where intellectual minds coming hard on topical issues takes eminence. “We are changing the narrative this time and what we want to ensure it is a fully baked set of intellectuals that can engage beyond the podium.”

The training which held Physically and virtually and spanned 3 days featured sessions on topics like research, use of logic, and argumentation and was facilitated by different alumni of the society

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