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Overcoming Sapa: The Overwhelming Task For Nigerian Students

An academic session is approaching the finish line and fresh graduates are about to join the multitude of job seekers in the labour or better put, favour market.

Overcoming sapa isn’t a walk in the park, especially as a student. It demands you to be intentional about changing your situation. Radical transformation begins when you own up to your setbacks.

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t had or still have their fair share of sapa. Your determination to change the narratives is what matters. Something has to drive change, either the fear of sapa drives you or passion for what you love.

Upskilling and selling one’s self is the currency the modern world understands. You either align with it or watch your growth and financial woes get worse.

The criteria for getting jobs is fast-moving from certificate to skills. Value is top tier in the 21st-century workforce. If you are looking to be your own boss, you have to offer value to your potential patrons. What you have to offer invariably determines your net worth. More value means more money.

As undergraduates, soon to be graduates, graduates and youths in general, value is essential in finding your feet in the outside world. Some students struggled through their years in University, some were lucky to get sponsored through school and as the end draws nigh, the fear of sustenance rises. Truth is, only you can help yourself and one of the many ways to do this is to acquire skills that would stand you out of the teeming crowd.

Sapa is lurking around, ready to claim you. In the war against Sapa, I urge you to prepare for the future abound. Learn skills, add value to yourself, sell yourself and see how that positions you for greatness.

If you are yet to identify your purpose, don’t rush. Go steady until the sense of purpose hits you and journey in that direction. As a matter of fact, aspire to perspire to refire before you retire. Selah

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