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Faculty of the Social Sciences distributes Covid-19 Vaccine To only Members of Staff

According to a notice released by the University management yesterday that vaccines are going to be distributed across all faculties starting from yesterday, the 23rd of August, 2021, the Faculty of the Social Sciences hosted health personnel today to participate in the exercise.

The exercise started in the Faculty of Social Sciences at about 10 am with students and staff hoping for receiving the vaccine.

However, it was quite disappointing when the vaccine arrived and students were told it wasn’t enough for everyone so the vaccine will be received by just the members of staff today. Students were therefore asked to go to Jaja Clinic on Saturday, 28 August to get theirs.

Meanwhile, the school is trying her best to institute wearing of nose masks by ensuring its a criterion to not only gain access through the school gate but to also sit in taxis and cabs. Cabbies have recently been mandated to not only use their nose masks but also instruct their passengers to use theirs.

The recently increased intensity of preventive measures for Covid-19 came in as a response to the spread of the virus in the school, more notably among students in the college of medicine.

Also, several departments and individual lecturers with a large number of students have switched to having their lectures online or collaboratively, mixing online classes with physical classes.

Hopefully, students and lecturers get vaccinated early enough so activities can return to normal safely in the school.

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