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Top 5 Secrets You Must Know To Ensure Better Second Semester, If Not….

The University of Ibadan has resumed for her second semester of the 2020/2021 academic session although, some classes are yet to commence while some students are just rounding off their first semester examinations.

The perculiarity of the 2020/2021 academic session has necessitated drastic and unusual actions both on the part of the university management and even the students.

The old long say which states, “drastic times requires drastic measures” have been proven to be true overtime and the situation at which the university of Ibadan students find themselves, especially the freshers on campus requires the execution of some drastic measures to ensure a better second semester experience.

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In this article, we shall be considering 5 Secrets to know towards ensuring a better second semester

1. Review of the Previous Semester: Quite a number of actions necessary to be taken as the second semester begins, the most important of all is a comprehensive review of the first semester.

This review will include dissection of action and habits indulged throughout the first semester. Educational performance, health, interrelationship, decision making amongst other important factors are to be considered.

The purpose of such a review is to evaluate in simple terms the level of performance of an individual with regards to the considered factors. With this in mind, one is able to establish his/her strength and weaknesses, mistakes, opportunities amongst many other conclusions that can be reached by considering the past time under review.

2. Set Target: After a comprehensive review, the expected end is that after conclusions have been reached, they help an individual in setting target towards the new semester. With targets properly outlined, focus is easily developed to the end that the set targets are met and success is achieved.

In setting target, it’s expected that it covers the relevant aspects of one’s life that can contribute to one’s success as a student, this targets can include physical, spiritual, academical, emotional, financial, psychological et cetera.

Targets should be short and precise, not ambiguous and undefined. Also, it should be time bound, measureable and acheiveable. Not forgetting that it should be individually centred except it affects the goal of a group of people or friends, then it becomes a general target.

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3. Make Plans: After setting target, make plans to achieving those layouts target as a target without a plan is as useless as a pen without ink, it can never serve its purpose.

Plans are like ladder that are followed for targets to be achieved. Some of the importance of planning amongst many includes the elimination of uncertainties, development of focus, production of results oriented mindsets, elimination of distractions, it reduces chance of trial and error actions and many other benefits. It’s important to make plans towards achieving set goals and getting desired results.

4. Set priorities: The University community is characterized by a lot of activities that is capable of capturing one’s attention with little or no effort. However, the ability not to be swayed by these activities are based on how well one set priorities.

Setting priorities basically means arranging activities worthy of a person’s attention by order of importance. With clearly defined and already set out priorities that is in alignment with one’s goal and set targets, it becomes almost impossible to lose direction and focus in the course of going through the second semester.

With priorities, one is empowered with the ability to determine what gets his or her attention and what amount of time should be allocated to such activities. An individual who set priorities is able to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety that can arise from engaging in a number of activities more than s/he can handle.

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5. Define, Review and Form New Relationships: For an individual to succeed in an environment, irrespective of one’s calibre or personality, interaction is very important. As a student in a university environment, interaction is inevitable as one will definitely come across people in the halls of residence, lecture theatres, classrooms and other public places, therefore it is necessary to associate.

However, even with interaction, there are levels to how it should be done. The purpose of every form of relationship an individual involves him/herself is very integral. Before giving in your attention into someone or something, clearly defined what the purpose of such relationship is, either spiritual, physical, emotional, academic or financially.

By defining one’s relationship, it helps to determine if it’s going to be beneficial to the participating parties or otherwise. If peradventure, one is in any relationship whatsoever already, either defined or not, it’s advisable for such relationship to be subjected to review over the period of time that it had existed.

The purpose of such an action (review) is to assess the impact and benefit of an individual’s participation in such a relationship. At the end of a relationship review, one is expected to reach a conclusion either to continue or terminate such relationship.

In the  event after the relationship review, there is no clear positive impact with regards to the purpose of involving in such relationship in the first place, it’s not a crime if one discontinues such relationship and tries to establish a new one with new individuals with the hope of achieving maximum benefit from the new relationship.

Although, for any for of relationship to be beneficial to all the parties involved, it’s is expected that there’s is a commiserate level of input from concerned individuals to be able to give maximum output and to the end that all parties involved are happy.

Remember, second semester is ladened with activities that are able to take one’s attention with little or no effort. however, application of these stated principles will ensure that one experiences a better second semester when eventually compared to the experience of first semester. A review of the time spent so far is very important and such is highly recommended!

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