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Security Alert: Robbery Incidence Off Campus

In the early hours of today 9th July 2021, around 2 am to 3:30 am, there were some robbery incidences carried out in 7 different houses at Ile-Nla/Agbegba in Barika and Olawunmi Street in Waters. Unfortunately, before the security operatives that the Union alerted got to the scenes, the robbers had gone.

The Union will like to use this medium to re-emphasize the fact that we should be security conscious at all times. We strongly advise that in the meantime, no student should stay out late and be security conscious.

All student tenants should request for the fixing of Iron Doors at their main entrances from their landlords and also keep them closed at all times.

While paying a visit to the scenes, it was reported that 1 person was shot (although not a student) and two others got bruises. The Union is greatly disappointed at this incidence.

While we appreciate the State Government for deploying security operatives to some areas in Agbowo as promised, we will like to demand strongly that their time and areas of operations should be extended. Areas that are far inside these environments should be visited at all times as these events have been rampant in these areas. It was also reported that this is the second time that this occurred within the space of a month.

Akeju Olusegun G.
University of Ibadan Students’ Union President

Oladeji Olawunmi Abiodun
University of Ibadan Students’ Union Public Relations Officer

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