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How to improve your CGPA overtime and graduate high

Winter is here.  Exams are underway in the  University of Ibadan and it’s staring students right in the face, with many students already writing their exams, thoughts of how to write the exams and pass in flying colours dominate the mind of students especially those who have had their test results released and it’s not the best that they would have imagined.

The University of Ibadan grading system avails 40% of the total 100% obtainable by a student to continuous assessment (C.A) which could be in form of a general test, tutors test, term papers or even presentations and not forgetting assignments too. The remaining 60% is obtainable from the examination and the total of both sums up to 100%. However, attaining 100% is not far fetched, it is a reality and many students have done it over time in the seemingly most difficult of all courses so this negates the notion that it’s impossible. Although it requires some carefully and distinctly followed strategy, which have been graciously outlined below. Attaining a first-class grade (4.0) in all your course is attainable and all you need is at least 70/100s.
Below are the prescribed procedures that can be of help:

1. Understand the Course

The purpose of a student gaining admission into the university is to gather more specific knowledge about a particular field of study. More than just getting good grades which is very important, the primary aim is knowledge acquisition. As a student, seek to understand the concept of the course in question, with this, it becomes easier to assimilate the teachings. Students mustn’t set out with the mindset of “this course is too hard, I can’t pass it“. Such a mindset is detrimental to success and often leads to regression rather than progress. Irrespective of the test score one has obtained, it’s still possible to get a 4.0 in any course one desires, the first step to achieving this is to start trying to understand the course.

2. Share and seek knowledge

No man is an island of knowledge. The easiest way to fail at the University of Ibadan is believing that one knows it all and therefore has no need for help. As a student, avoid being an island, seek knowledge in areas that seem confusing and also share the knowledge you know in situations where you are called upon. A truth about knowledge shared is that it remains even more than knowledge hidden. Shared knowledge provides opportunities for progressive and cooperative learning. If a course seems difficult and hardly understandable, it’s advisable one forms or joins a study group. However, in creating or joining a study group, the purpose of membership should be clearly defined and the calibre of people in the group should be people that can be of mutual benefit to one another.

3. Extensive studying, not “Craming”

The biggest scam that can befall a university student is thinking people are not reading, especially if where you see them is not reading rooms or libraries. A popular cliche on campus – “Na mumu dey read for exam” is the biggest scam that anyone can fall into. It is highly misleading and the direct opposite of what is the truth of students actions on campus.
Nobody can pass in U.I without reading and reading extensively at that, even if you want to fail, you still need to read to fail. Students “should” spend time reading more than anything else because that’s their primary purpose in school. Extensive studying is very important and a key component to achieving success as a student at the University of Ibadan.

4. Solve Practice Questions

As a student, proof of one’s knowledge is knowledge application to solving problems. Therefore, one must solve practice questions. Examples treated in class, class works, assignments, and even past questions are very integral to students success in the university. Also, with a lot of information on the internet, with our mobile devices, there is access to an unlimited number of questions.

5. Attend tutorials if needed

The biggest problem of a man is when he needs help but feels too proud to seek help.
Seek help in an area that seems difficult from tutorials organized by departments, faculties, religious organizations or even individual tutors.  Partake in mock examinations also. They help to test one’s readiness for the proper examination, it also helps to highlight areas that need more and deliberate focus to ensure success in the exams.

6. Talk to senior colleagues

Having your seniors who have passed a class give you an orientation on the important things and specifics of each lecturer and the level, in general, is indispensable if you want to excel. It’s seeing from their shoulders and this reduces the frustration with learning to a very large extent. To benefit from this greatly, please choose the senior colleague you will approach wisely and mainly for academics.

The purpose of the examination is to verify one’s claim of understanding of a course; it’s not to make life unbearable and if truly one understands the course, then examinations should not cause extreme fear. Irrespective of the test score from any course, a first-class grade (4.0) is still obtainable with proper planning and strategy.

This post contains things you may know already but resounded – things that work. An easy way might be SDC inviting.

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