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CGS opts for CBT Exams for GES Courses, Releases Timetable.

The Centre for General Studies of the University of Ibadan, a unit responsible for coordinating GES courses has released her times for GES exams for the 2020/2021 academic session.

According to the proposed timetable, the exams will begin on 26/7/2021 with GES101, Use of English. The exams are expected to be conducted in CBT format. This is assumably the first time the Centre for General Studies is holding CBT exams.

The tradition of examinations at the University of Ibadan is that exams commence with GES Courses. However, the patterns changed this session for some unsure reasons.

The exams will be conducted in batches and students who registered for each courses are expected to partake in the exams as at when they are scheduled.

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