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UISU Meets Campus Food Vendors

The Students’ Union, University of Ibadan (UISU) held a meeting with Campus food vendors today, July 3rd, 2021 to regulate the inflated prices of food items and most importantly, to ensure strict compliance with the regulated prices.

The meeting which was presided by the SU President started at 10:58am at the Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) Chamber of the Students’ Union Building (SUB) and ended around 12:30pm.

While the meeting was ongoing, vendors domiciled in SUB, Awo, Kuti, Zik, Queen Elizabeth, Indy, Kuti, Queen Idia and Sultan Bello Halls responded to the letter containing prices of commodities on Campus earlier sent to them by the Students’ Union.

They expressed dissatisfaction with some of the prices listed and emphasized the increment in food items were due to the corresponding hike from the market where the items are purchased.

They also expressed how the cost of transportation of these products from depots to halls of residence had affected them negatively.

The vendors appealed to all students to bear with them. In the same vein, the Students’ Union expressed the inconveniences imposed on students by these inflated prices.

After several deliberations and considerations, both parties agreed on the following prices;

Sachet water: One for ₦15, two for ₦25, four for 50.

Table water: small size for 70 while the big one for 100.

Beef: 50 / 100

Egg: 70

Chevon (goat meat): ₦150

Fish: 50 / 100

Plantain: ₦10

Swallow: One (1)Eba”, “Fufu”, “Semo” (50 per wrap). while pounded yam (Iyan), and “Amala” goes for (100 per wrap)

In conclusion, the Students’ Union President, Akeju Olusegun, emphasized that all vendors must ensure their premises are kept clean and that quality, healthy food be delivered to students and the masses who patronize their cafeterias.

He further said, “the task force of the Union would be visiting their stores to monitor their level of compliance.

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