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We welcome students back on campus for resumption of physical academic activities for the remainder of the session. It’s been a while on campus, for over 14 months of absence of physical lectures, we are all back. We welcome you all.

We appreciate students for contributing towards the struggle to reduce the accommodation levy which was later considered and through togetherness, oneness, proper and intellectual consultation, we will always come out victorious in every struggle.

On the payment of dues across halls of residence, faculties and departments, we will like to appreciate the Cooperation of the students’ bodies across boards so far. It should be noted that while we advise students to pay charges, no dues aside basic due of 2,500 should be made compulsory especially for all freshmen.

More so, tricycle (Maruwa) and Cabs are only authorized to take two and three passengers respectively; Anything more than this should be with the fare of 30 Naira and it’s equivalent in respect of the distance. As we are also working on other prices of items on campus which will be published soon.

In the same vein, we must remember to observe all Covid-19 preventive measures everywhere on campus.

Once again, welcome back on campus, we wish you all success in the forthcoming examinations.

Aluta Continua!!!
Victoria Ascerta!!!

Akeju Olusegun G.
University of Ibadan Students’ Union President

Oladeji Richard Oluwaseun
University of Ibadan Students’ Union House Secretary

Oladeji Olawunmi Abiodun
University of Ibadan Students’ Union Public Relations Officer

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