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Campus News has noticed a lot of students are having issues with losing their REMITA numbers unexpectedly, which has made most students to halt their registration as planned since without a REMITA number, you have no proof of the payment made.

Sequel to this and for you to retrieve your RRR Number, you just need to check the debit alert sent to your phone, you’d noticed about 13 numbers there.

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Usually, the exact number of a REMITA is meant to be twelve (12), so what you’re advised to do is to remove the “0” at the back of the 13 numbers and the remaining 12 digits is your RRR number. (N.B- It will always end with “0”)

Furthermore, if you have carried out any transaction and you already have the RRR number, just simply copy that RRR you have with you, then go to your browser and search, “Retrieve REMITA Receipt,” it will display some features, just click on the first site.

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The first site is for the REMITA, where you’ll be required to insert your RRR code, the email you want the receipt to be sent to, your phone number and the amount you made (Kindly note that, the charges won’t be included when filling the space of “Amount paid”).

In conclusion, click on the submission button and try accessing the email you provided on site, and you’d see the receipt waiting there for you.

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