Physical Resumption: Shortage of cabs; students resort to trekking

Sequel to the resumption of students for physical classes, the percentage of students entering the school has more than doubled. It then becomes difficult as students struggle to get rides.

Students now have to queue for more minutes before they get rides. This is quite new compared to the situation of things before Covid-19, the lockdown and the long closure of the school for physical activities.

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Students are joyful to resume physically as they move in groups, carrying out their academic activities in school.

The beauty of physical resumption is first seen in the learning efficiency with taking physical classes and also, more importantly, the opportunity to meet friends again after a very long time.

The reason for the long queues and increased wait time to get rides cannot be exactly attributed to the reduced number of riders even if it could be a part since fewer riders worked on Campus during the lockdown and before physical resumption.

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The long queues can anyway be attributed to the fact that several students still stay around school, and will have to enter the university campus daily, putting pressure on the university transport system that was curated for normal scenarios. Normal scenarios being several students staying in the Halls of residence as opposed to a barely 50% capacity.

Students can anyway beat the queue for the time being by rising early for school if possible.

Would things get back to normal soon or would the school gate still mirror subtly the times of NASU strike for a while?

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