UI Physical Resumption: ZIK, Others Reopens For Students Return

The University of Ibadan is set to resume physically for the remainder of the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic session and students are expected to gain access into the halls of residence as the reopening of the halls of residence has been approved by the university management. The halls are expected to run on a 50% capacity policy, owing to the COVID-19 restrictions and protocols as made available by the federal government. As a result, eligible students which include: freshers, finalists, medical students writing medical exams and physically challenged students are given preference, having more chances of securing hall accommodation than other students.

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Qualified students who have paid their hostel accommodation fees on their portal for the halls of residence amongst others are expected to start resuming into the hostels from Monday 7 June 2021 with a proof of payment of accommodation levy amongst other document required including:
1.   Authority to pay
2. Recommendation letter (addressed to the Hall warden)
3. School fees receipt
4. Hall due receipt (to be collected upon payment at halls of residence)
5. Passports
6. UI files
7. Facemask
8. Accommodation fee receipt.

Also, students returning to the hostels are expected to be free of every form of contrabands which includes electric cooker, gas cooker, photocopy machine, refrigerator, toasters, grills, ovens e.t.c

Even as the physical resumption process is ongoing, students whose request for physical resumption has been granted have gained access to paying for their accommodation levy to secure their rooms as the policy governing this session’s hall accommodation is a first come first serve policy. Students are expected to pay a sum of N27,000.

However, medical students have been seeing N36,000 as an accommodation fee instead of the regular N27,000 on their portal. In our talk with the SU President, he stated that the school is aware and is currently working to correct the inconsistency.

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Other essential materials that students may need to ensure comfortability on campus include:
1. Student mattress and beddings
2. Buckets and kegs
3. Mosquito net
4. Essential toiletries
5. Pots, spoons and plates
6. Personal Table and chair
7. School materials
8. Keys and padlocks
9. Traveling bag
10. Footwear (causal and official)
11. Torchlight or a reading lamp
12. Power bank
13. Needle and thread
14. Methylated spirits and cotton wool for first aid
15. Proper functional backpack
16. Socket adaptors and extension boxes
17. Other (special) items.

It should be noted also that the hall accommodation is for the remainder of the first semester and the totality of the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic session.

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