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Seven Mistakes to Avoid as a UI Fresher

The University of Ibadan has announced physical resumption for the end of the first semester and even the remainder of the session as a whole.

This would be the first time officially that new intakes ( freshers) are expected to be on campus for their academic work.

This would most likely be the first time that majority of the 100 level students will be experiencing learning in the setting of higher education, as most would have been accustomed to the secondary school lifestyle and may eventually find it hard to conform to the new reality that they have found themselves.

In this article is a compilation of seven (7) gruesome mistakes you should never be guilty of, as failure to adhere to these instructions are at the detriment of the individual’s career

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1. Addressing a “Professor” or “Dr” by Mr or Mrs: The terrain has changed and so also has the rules. Never address your lecturer as Mr or Mrs, either in their presence or in the presence of another lecturer.

The academic environment and individual expenditures of academia has warranted that individuals be addressed according to the level of their academic success. Lecturers see such act as quite disrespectful that a “100 level Undergraduate” is referring to a highly learned academia as Mr or Mrs, who most likely attained the academic honour before the conception of the said students.

It is advisable to address lecturers with thier academic title even if one is eluded of their names at a particular point in time rather than saying just Mr or Mrs.

2. Don’t submit your assignments alone: Many students who may want to continue thier ” I too know” attitude even in university should be strictly warned, don’t try this in a university, especially  University of Ibadan.

Upon physical resumption it is expected that lecturers will bombard students with a lot of assignments and with stated deadlines, this assignment will most likely serve as a continuous assessment test, which many lecturers were not able to conduct due to the modalities of learning employed by the university.

However, it is advisable that students who eventually do this assignments submit through the designated channels stated by the lecturer. Don’t ever go and knock on a lecturer’s door just because you want to submit your ZOO114 or CHE156 assignment, what you would encounter, mouth no go fit talk am…

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3. Don’t misplace your Authority To Pay: This is very important. Authority to pay is a document that is given to every UI student upon completing of registration process at the admission office, it can be said to be equivalent to your school Identification card.

It’s advisable not to misplace this document upon receiving, and it should not be laminated. At some point in time, it would be required to be tendered and eventually upon clearance for graduation. If it had been collected once, it cannot be re-issued again upon request.

It is highly recommended that students make several photocopies of this document and keep them judiciously. Don’t misplace your Authority to pay, E get why!

4. Don’t miss any General Test: A synonym for this physical resumption announced by the University of Ibadan is TEST. It as advisable as freshers that one doesn’t miss any general test.

Although dates for general tests would be announced to the concerned students and there would be appropriate sharing formula of students into test venues, it is not expected that any student should miss general test.

If you are coming with the belief that there would always be make-up test, you are on a long thing. Even if you miss a general test due to health reasons, the only accepted report is JAJA medical report, the University approved medical centre and the stress involved in getting to write the test alone is enough to just discourage anyone from missing a gentle test.

5.   Don’t show a lecturer slide to a lecturer or past questions: Past questions and slides are materials totally meant for the lecturers and staff bodies of the university, it is never meant to be in the possession of the student, it is illegal and it’s worthy of inciting such students whom it is found in their possession to face the disciplinary committee.

However, it is not alien to the staff and lecturers that these materials are in the possession of students, but any student that successfully lose his guard, such will be made a scapegoat.

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6. Don’t participate in exam malpractice: The grievious offence any UI student (fresher and stallite) can commit is participating in exam malpractice. There is Zero Tolerance for exam malpractices in University of Ibadan.

The issuance of certificate as an attestation to one’s sojourn in UI is highly hinged on “first in learning and worthy in character,” anyone who puts up an act that is in negation to the character standards of the university is considered not fit to be awarded her certificate.

Irrespective of the texture of the test or exam may seem, it is important for every UI student to be proactive for such instances, side talking, exchange of scripts, use of mobile phones, sneaking of exhibits, et cetera in the examination hall is highly prohibited

Once you are caught, it is an automatic expulsion.

7. Never misplace your institution ID card: The University of Ibadan will issue ID cards to all students, this is universally acceptable anywhere in the world and a simple attestation to one’s claim as a University of Ibadan students. It is advisable never to misplace one’s ID card, guard your ID card with all due diligence.

Upon subsequent tests and examinations , your ID card will be requested to grant you access into the exam hall. In situations where the ID has not been issued, the course registration form (a document that contains all your registered courses) can be presented. The process of recovering one’s ID card upon been missing can be very stressful, tasking and expensive.

With series of letters to different quotas and several statements to be written, it is desirable not to misplace your ID card or even your course form.

In addition, as a freshman on Campus, one might really need some time to acquaint oneself of the new modalities of life in the university environment.

However, it is important that even while still adjusting , a fresher doesn’t trespass some boundaries, the university expects students to have perused through their Hand Book.

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