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University of Ibadan Data Support for Students: Thursday, March 18 Until Now.

Due to the e-learning system the University of Ibadan adopted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of students have encountered several issues with attending classes, one of which is increased data consumption.

The school noticed that one of the ways to support a majority of the students is by providing data for them so that they can better make themselves available for the online classes.

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The school started giving each student 3GB worth of data, contrary to the agreed plan as promised with the technology levy. Before this, the university had created a link for all students to fill in their details including their matric number, their internet network provider and also their phone number.

The university commenced giving students data starting with GLO network users only. It seemed as though students using other network providers were left out.

After some weeks, the school started giving students who are AIRTEL network users data, still neglecting other students.

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However, on 3rd June 2021, even after the school has announced Physical Resumption (starting 7 June 2021), they commenced giving data to students who are MTN users.

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