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  1. I want to ask if there is any available hostel for post graduate students? I did not see it among eligible candidates for hostel allocation. Thanks

  2. We have not heard from you as regards the provision of hall of residence for postgraduates

  3. Basically, there are two hostels for post graduate students, but the school is yet to comment about it categorically. Also, we don’t get to hear when they release accommodation for post graduate students. So we don’t have enough information as regards that.
    Thank you

  4. I can’t find the hostel application menu on the UI portal. It should be inbetween ‘my registration’ and ‘discussion forum’ on the page. I’m a freshman, what do I do? Tomorrow is the deadline. Please reply as soon as possible.🙏🙏

  5. Pls I can’t find the hostel application on my dash board, I’m a fresher I need help pls

  6. Any postgraduate female student who wants to pair to get a room self con off campus, pls signify

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