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The Congress which was held on Monday 24th May 2021, was conducted virtually and physically and this gave students a wider opportunity to participate. The President, Akeju Olusegun, explained the position of the Senate as of May 17 on accommodation and accommodation levy. He stated that while students would be staying at the hostels for 1 semester and about 9 weeks of this semester, the University, by the directives of the FG is not expected to accommodate more than 50% of the Hostels Population Capacity.

Moreso, two recommendations were put before the Senate by the ERTC Review Committee in which the President and Vice President were part of; 100% which was given by the above contingency, and 80% as proposed by the Union given the financial hardship our students have experienced this semester. The 100% of the levy was approved and as such students are dissatisfied with it.

To make the interest of the students achieved, the Union had written the management to review the decision and the Acting Vice-Chancellor has informed the president that the issue will be listed before the Senate in their next meeting.

Students leaders and online attendees express their opinions. Different ideas were raised on the best ways to approach the issues. Also, some students have brought attention to what has been happening over time in similar matters like this.

Some Congressmen stated that it is now a trend in UI that there should be an increment in fees and a decrease in value. The issue of technology fee was cited as an example as students paid N10,000 and got 3gb worth of data.

Also, some congressmen asked what assurance do the students have that the accommodation fee will not increase next session.
A congressman also made mention that the students do not trust UI. This is because of the previous dealings between the students and the school management.

The majority of the congressmen were concerned about the quality the students will be getting if they pay the 100% accommodation fees.

However, some of the congressmen said the payment is justifiable. They believe that the students will get better amenities for N30,000 than what they have been getting outside. Amenities like water, electricity and most importantly security. Which students living outside school don’t have access to.

However, some Congressmen frowned at this and insisted that 80% Accommodation fees be paid.

The Deputy Dean of Students was allowed to speak to the congress after the majority of congressmen voted he should be allowed to address the students.

He stated that the Federal Government has been irresponsible and do not give the school enough financial support to run the school.
Dr Demola Lewis explained the motives behind the retainment of a 100% levy for accommodation.

He mentioned that the University is not financially buoyant. He made mention of how the school decided to opt for virtual classes because the school couldn’t afford covid 19 protocols without the school fees of the students.

He also stated that the matter is before the Senate again. And he promised that the Dean of Students and himself will try as much as possible to push for the 80% payment of Accommodation fees.

Motions were raised. The first was.

Whether 100% or 80% of accommodation levy should be accepted

Voting took place both physically and virtually.

Physically, 9 congressmen voted in support of the payment of 100% payment of the Accommodation Fees.
And 30 congressmen voted in support of the payment of 80% Accommodation Fees.

On telegram, there were 971 votes. 16% voted in support of 100% payment of the Accommodation Fees and 84% voted in support of 80% payment of the Accommodation Fees.

On Twitter, there were 1315 votes.
13% voted in support of 100% payment of the Accommodation Fees and 87% voted in support of 80% payment of the Accommodation Fees.

However, in asking what steps should be taken if our demands were not met, the Union is advised to “keep begging”, make sure “accommodation opportunity is not removed” and “constructive/online protest”.

It was hereby concluded that Students’ Leaders should lobby the Senate members in their various constituency so that the decision of the Senate will favour the students.


Akeju G. Olusegun
University of Ibadan Students’ Union, President

Fijabi Israel
University of Ibadan Students’ Union, General Secretary

Oladeji Olawunmi Abiodun
University of Ibadan Students’ Union Public Relations Officer

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  1. So we know the Senate’s decision Is final but they should try as much as possible to be considerate with whatever their final decision is .there is really nothing as good as getting accommodation inside the school.
    God bless UI💪

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