Reported Case of Car Highjack Around Queen Elizabeth Hall, University of Ibadan

An eye witness who prefers to be called Ayomide reported to Campus News of a car highjack in Queens Hall Road this evening, Monday, May 24 2021.

The highjacker drove towards the second gate as reported by the eyewitness.

At the moment, we are yet to confirm if the car was recovered or if the hijacker made it through the gates of the University of Ibadan. We are yet to also confirm the specifications of the car including the model, colour, etc.

There are also no video footage or any other forms of live media records to confirm this highjack.

It should be noted that this happened at a time when some students are considering accepting the management’s proposal of a 30,000 naira accommodation fee in the regard that the university community is safer than off-campus in the congress that held today.

Hopefully, the security officials are currently at work to recover or track the car.

Further details will be communicated duly

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