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Two UI Students Declared Missing After Being Arrested by the EFCC

A Popular UIte, Omale Gabriel, the owner of a popular WhatsApp TV – “The king’s Crib” has been declared missing. He was last seen at Eko Atlantic on Sunday. From the details, he was arrested.

He was with a fellow UIte believed to be his friend and partner who also runs a WhatsApp TV platform – “Vogue TV” on Sunday when the arrest happened. The details of the arrest is yet unknown but the students’ union president of the University of Ibadan, Akeju Oluwasegun spoke of it on his Twitter handle @AkejuOlusegun1 Southpaw King (Omale Gabriel) has been held by the EFCC in Ikoyi since Sunday, because someone was offended with the way he drove “his car“. What is EFCC’s own with traffic? They were surprised a young guy has a car?  What happens to respect for fundamental human right? Holding a person for more than 48 hours? “

Also, the official Twitter handle of the Students’ Union commented on a tweet that they are already in the situation and are taking necessary steps.

In a video that surfaced online, believed to be at the point of the arrest of both individuals, a police officer can be heard ordering the car keys to be collected from them. He said, “take their car keys from them…..I’ll break that car, if you shift, I’ll shoot you like a small boy”

The unavailability of Gabriel and his friend has sparked a discussion online, especially on Twitter with the hashtag #ReleaseSouthpaw. The location and whereabout of both students involved in the arrest is yet unknown and nobody has made contact directly with them since then.

SouthPaw is a popular person in UI and was a dominant voice online during the #EndSARS protest in 2020

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