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UI SU President, Akeju Pays off students’ Bill at a supermarket

Christmas came early for a certain Victoria from the department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Ibadan as her bills was taken care of by the Students’ Union President, Olusegun Akeju on a night she set out to spend her “last card” on dinner.

The scenario was on April 20th at a supermarket in Ajibode area. The student recounting her experience said, “I went to a mall not far from where I live in Ajibode to get what I’ll eat for dinner with the last cash on me which was #1,000. The plan was to spend all the money in the mall. On getting to the mall, I met Akeju and what I went there to buy, he paid for it.”

Akeju is a popular figure among students given that he’s the number one representative of students at the University of Ibadan. He is also the first Students’ Union President since the reinstatement of the proscribed University of Ibadan Students’ Union.

President Akeju is yet to make any comment as regards this issue as it is believed that this is not the first time such happened and would most likely not be the last.

However, the student in her way of giving thanks took to her WhatsApp status to post pictures of Mr President with attached good words as a caption.

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