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UI MBBS/BDS Students of 2K20 Set To Premier a Movie

Medical students of the University of Ibadan, the popularly acclaimed first and best university in Nigeria is set to release a movie titled “The Last Straw“.

The 2020 set medical school student has decided to go past dissecting cadavers and the study of the disciplines, methods and practice of medicine into arts and entertainment.

The movie “The Last Straw”, is a taste of bitter sweet infatuations, rebellion and a crash- landing. The movie is themed around young adults, their choices and the repercussions laden in wrong choices.

It is expected to be full cast and crew of medical students with a little bit of professionalism. The movie is written and directed by Shalom Kene Okafor.

“The Last Straw” is purposed to premier in May 15, 2021 at the New Culture Studios Mokola, Ibadan. It is a part of many activities lined up for that day in a programme titled “Melodies and Blues”

This would be the first (from available knowledge) of such in the history of College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.

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