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UI: Departmental Number of Admitted Candidates For 2018/2019 Session

The University of Ibadan recently released Post UTME scores in the recently concluded examination. Most students who wrote the exam would currently be agitated because of the uncertainty of their admission since cut-off marks are yet to be released.

As a result, we decided to do a table of the number of students that got admitted into different faculties for the previous year, including UTME and Direct Entry (DE) students. This is to give aspirants an insight into the possible number of students the University of Ibadan will admit this year for each department.

Faculty of TechnologyUTMEDETOTAL
1. Agricultural and Envenrionmental Engineering52153
2. Civil Engineering5553
3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering51152
4. Food Technology4242
5. Industrial and Production Engineering5353
6. Mechanical Engineering48149
7. Petroleum Engineering4646
8. Wood Products Engineering34135
1. Law1477154
Faculty of AgricultureUTMEDETOTAL
1. Agricultural Economics55257
2. Agricultural Extention and Rural Development5050
3. Agronomy55156
4. Animal Sciences58159
5. Crop Protection and Environmental Biology5151
College of MedicineUTMEDETOTAL
1. Biochemistry75378
2. Environmental Health Science25126
3. Human Nutrition and Dietetics6565
4. Medicine and Surgery1571158
5. Medical Laboratory Science3232
6. Physiology80282
7. Physiotherapy3434
8. Nursing4949
9. Dentistry2828
10. Public Health90191
Faculty of PharmacyUTMEDETOTAL
1. Pharmacy9090
Faculty of Social SciencesUTMEDETOTAL
1. Geography41243
2. Political Science74276
3. Economics7171
4. Sociology82183
5. Psychology62163
Faculty of ArtsUTMEDETOTAL
1. Communication and Language Arts6464
2. English Language and Literature64165
4 Classical Studies47148
5. Anthropology4646
6. Archeology36137
7. Theatre Arts57259
8. Philosophy69170
9. Islamic Studies2020
10. Linguistics4040
11. Music22224
Faculty of Veterinary MedicineUTMEDETOTAL
1. Veterinary Medicine87188
Faculty of EducationUTMEDETOTAL
1. Adult Education7575
2. Health Education35136
3. Human Kinetics3535
4. Educational Management7272
5. Guidance and Counselling7171
6. Biology Education1616
7. Chemistry Education1818
8. CLA Education2121
9. Economics Education1515
10. English Education2020
11. Geography Education66
12. Physics Education1818
13. Early Childhood Education3939
14. Library, Archival, and Information Studies5555
15. Special Education52153
16. Architecture2020
Faculty of SciencesUTMEDETOTAL
1. Industrial Chemistry3232
2. Mathematics7272
3. Microbiology55156
4. Physics61162
5. Statistics55156
6. Zoology44145
7. Chemistry59160
8. Botany4545
9. Geography2020
10. Geology6464
11. Computer Science72274

Meanwhile, the admission board in the University of Ibadan has fixed Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Thursday, and Friday to deliberate on the Post UTME cut-off marks for each department.

Entry level students should expect the list for cut off marks soon.

For more updates, follow Campus News TV here

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