Who is Dehinde? (UI Zoom Class Saga)

School Resumption after the Easter break came with saga for the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Ibadan as one seemingly serious and angry Dehinde expressed his grievances with a lecturer openly on a class Zoom chat without restraint.

His grievances seemed to have been caused by lecturers not keeping to their words on set class assignments, tests and presentations after students have prepared for them seriously. In his words, “you just make us work and work and work through the night preparing for a presentation you all know will never happen“.

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Dehinde expressed his grievances in several other words including “wtf” an abbreviation for the phrase “what the f**k” and a couple of other vulgar languages.

Should a student use the “f” word for a faculty even at the height of “ibinu“? Of course the older ones have their answers.

Could Dehinde be traced? A smart one, Dehinde had used one Ruth Ajasa’s matriculation number —a 300 level student of Human Nutrition as his student identification on zoom. Now we don’t know Dehinde and the whole class might be in for it.

“Who is Dehinde, Dehinde the smart angry boy?” —a big question and a big trend in the Premier University of Ibadan in the later hours of Tuesday morning. 

As of the moment and from our sources, the HOD has promised to punish the department where Dehinde is found if before he gets found no one from the department was willing to release his name. Their punishment is a total of 60 marks, 30 each from both their tests and exam scores.

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Of course they will all fail if this happens. Is the punishment on the whole for the sake of one right? The faculty of Law students will know better, we should ask them.

A biblical allusion reads, “In those days people will no longer say, ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, but the children’s teeth have been set on edge.’ Instead, each person will d** for his own iniquity. Everyone who eats sour grapes will have his own teeth set on edge.”

Can Zoom help us find Dehinde, will their privacy policy allow this?

There are several unanswered questions. But in the end, who will snitch? Who is Dehinde?

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