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Beware! Vital Warning For Agbowo Residents

In the wake of resumption for the virtual semester, the environs surrounding the University of Ibadan are now filled with students. Many UItes have rented apartments at Agbowo, Ajibode, Orogun, Barika, and the likes. Many more are still looking to get affordable accommodation. (By the way, subscribe to CampusNews TV to get timely updates on available houses, and to get roomates).

While staying close to school has its advantages, there are several things that students must watch out for.

• Be Security Conscious:



No doubt, the high influx of students into Agbowo and the surrounding neighborhood will attract several criminal activities like theft, burglary, assaults, etc. Hence, students must watch out and remain security conscious. They should always (and properly) lock their doors. Phones, laptops, and other gadgets should be kept far from the windows (especially at night). Com. Olusegun Akeju (SU President) has assured that the Nigerian Police Force will pay close attention to those areas. Even at that, don’t lose guard. Stay Woke.

Beware, Students’ Presence is Still Banned in School

This point is quite important, though it may seem trivial. The school management and the Student Union executives have reiterated this fact time and again. A recent circular threatened an SDC case for defaulters. So, students should kindly avoid loitering around the school premises for too long. Furthermore, meetings, group readings, tutorials, TDBs, and the likes should be done outside UI walls. 

Get A Back-Up Power Source



To successfully run a virtual semester, a constant electric supply is vital. But, “This Is Nigeria….” (Hint: Falz)

Since constant electricity is not assured, it will be wise to get a good power bank. Remember, to qualify for exams, students must meet the 75% attendance requirement. Therefore, stay ahead of NEPA wahala and enjoy a seamless reading and learning experience.

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