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Bits to Know About the UI-ERT Process

As students should know already, lectures will be in two modes: asynchronous  and synchronous.


(Domiciled on Moodle and hosted on Google Cloud)

For weekly classes, the following will be uploaded:

a. Class notes (.doc or.pdf formats)
b. Voice over PowerPoint slides
c. Other online resources
d. Screencast videos of lectures
e. Audio recording.
f. Online videos (sourced from Youtube or other sites).
g. Questions and assignments with deadlines.




(Real-time Classes)

One hour or two hours of face to face weekly classes on ZOOM. Schedules will be provided by Faculties.

Synchronous sessions classes should start 5 minutes past the hour, and end 5 minutes to the hour.

All synchronous sessions would be recorded and uploaded on YouTube

OTHER INTERACTIONS WITH STUDENTS will be on softer platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram.



On assignments and attendance

    a. Assignments will be submitted through dedicated emails for each course.
    b. There will be quizzes and assignments on the LMS platform also.
    a. Meeting deadlines should attract 40%
    b. Synchronous classes 30%
    c. WhatsApp/Telegram etc 30%

75% attendance will be required.

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