What UItes Can do for Emmay – the Kidnapped UI Student

Campus News learnt that gunmen had kidnapped a University of Ibadan student Odetunde Emmanuel popularly known as Emmay on Monday, 22 February 2020.

Personally, it’s traumatic, knowing Emmay in person because he was once a classmate. Currently, we don’t know how he is being treated in the hands of his captors, and we sincerely hope he will be fine.

How can the members of the general public and the University of Ibadan help at the moment?

1. His brother, Claudius, a UI Alumnus, recently started a Twitter campaign to draw awareness of some important people to the issue. UItes could help by consistently tweeting, retweeting and tagging important security personnel and stakeholders in Oyo State just to create that awareness and possible action. You can join the tweets here

2. Of course you could also pray for Emmay that he gets released soon enough, in a healthy, safe, and sound condition.

3. The Students’ Union can help push the issue before the acting Vice-Chancellor and CSO since the concerned individual is a University of Ibadan Student. It’s expected that the Vice-Chancellor and the CSO can help influence the deliberate and quick action of the police if not taking place already.

Most of what the general public and the community in the University of Ibadan can do is creating awareness and letting security agencies do their job.

Please join the awareness campaign today if you’ve not already here. Hopefully, everything goes nicely and we hope Emmay returns to his normal life soon enough.

More Updates

The Students’ Union a while ago, at 9:15 a.m joined the twitter campaign on their official twitter handle. You can join the awareness campaign with the Students’ Union here

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