Flash: Helpful tips to retrieve your school email address and password

It’s no news again that the premier University of Ibadan is setting out her students for virtual academic exercises by late February. With preparations for the e-learning process becoming intense by the school management and students, it is of considerable pertinence that students are well equipped before the start of the online-domiciled academic session.

While it is of high probability that some uites might fall under the category of forgetting their students’ mails, it will be of great help if students can be shown a stepwise process of getting their students’ mails up and running again.

In addition to helping you retrieve your official email account, this guideline saves you the stress of severe panicking and despair which may easily happen during the early days of resumption.

Here’s the simply reason we came up with this important thread, in order to clear your curiosity;

How to retrieve your students’ mail address

  1. Write out your first name, surname and matric number in the following order: For example; Tunde Ajanlekoko, matric number- 140642
  2. Then input only the first letter of your first name and surname in full (all in small letters), with the last three digits of your matric number: tajanlekoko642
  3. Then add the as the suffix in which the overall username will come out as; [email protected]
  4. Use “password” as the default password setting
  5. Then simply login using your google account, and you’re good to go

N.B- It is important you fix any bugs that come with your school email now, or for quick access, kindly add it to your phone mail as we are not sure yet if the school would be making use of this mail.
Good luck to you!

If you find this thread helpful; kindly send us your feedbacks and share to other uites.

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  1. If you fail to remember your
    initial password. It should be your best interest to use “password” as your initial password pin, and then you can change your password later or try to retrieve it.

    Good afternoon.
    Stay safe!

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