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Greatest Uites, you should be aware that the Union called a meeting with the Union leaders that held on Monday and Thursday. During the meeting, the leaders were able to meet the management for explanation on the justifications of the increment of fees. It was explained that the Sport levy increment was necessary as a result of the need to enhance sporting facilities. The Medical levy was explained to have been undercharged before now and that the increment was a mere effort to correct the error to the lowest benchmark of #2000 as directed by the FG and the HMU. On the Technology Levy, it was explained that the school has been on an ICT development project which was claimed to be expensive. It was said that internet connections would be accessible in all halls of residence upon the development under the 1st phase.

However, the Students’ Union and the Leaders were not satisfied with these explanations. There were points raised for concerns. More so, Students’ leaders are worried about how the previous #6500 was effectively expended on ICT development as students haven’t seen a worthy development to go with the charges. Hence, the following resolutions were reached.

  1. That if the school would commence virtual classes, many recommendations have to be looked into.
  2. That a Task Force committee should be set up by the Union to monitor the virtual learning system.
  3. That the Students were not convinced about the explanations on fees increment seeing that the previous charges were not utilized effectively; also, the students wouldn’t be on campus for the session; instead, students would be incurring alot of costs for the e-learning, and also, the current situation of the country. More so, that the present justifications given for the increments were given when the initial #6500 was introduced.
  4. That the Students Union should write to the School asking for a breakdown of the earlier charged #6500 and what technological changes would be expected if at all the fee was increased.
  5. That upon the explanation and breakdown from the management, the Union should conduct an online poll to gather the general positions of the Students on the increment.
  6. That this decision of students should decide the Union’s mandate on the increment.
  7. That all actions should be done within time frames.

The Union is expected to give feedbacks and carry students along in all decision processes.

Aluta Continua!!!
Victoria Ascerta!!!

Akeju G. Olusegun
President, University of Ibadan Students’ Union

Fijabi Israel
General Secretary, University of Ibadan Students’ Union

Oladeji Olawunmi Abiodun
Public Relations Officer, University of Ibadan Students’ Union

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