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21/01/2021 – Resolutions From the Students’ Union Meeting with Students’ Leaders

Late in the morning today, at 10:55PM, the adjourned meeting of the Students’ Union executives and students’ leaders commenced.

The meeting was mainly to get the reactions of students from different faculties on the increment of fees. Also, some few things about virtual classes was also discussed.

Most faculty presidents showed their displeasure with the explanation of the Director of Technology on how the increased Technology Fee will be spent as explained in the last meeting on Monday.

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After a long talk with the Faculty Presidents present, Students’ Union executives, students and press men present, the meeting ended with two way-forwards which included

1. For clarification purposes, the Students’ Union will demand a comprehensive list from the university, explaining how the Technology Fee would be appropriated with an enactment timeline included.

2. The Students Union also would be conducting a poll to sample students opinions on the increment of Technology fees.

It should be noted also, that during the meeting, Faculty Presidents said most of their students were ok with the other increased fees, but most students still had issues with the technology fee and would appreciate a better explanation from the university.

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On Virtual Classes, it still stands that classes will be virtual, as proposed by the school, but the school is yet to communicate their plans to students and students should remain expectant.

Also, the Students’ Union is still working on influencing possible affordable accommodation and a special cheaper data plan for students.

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