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Faculty of Pharmacy UI Loses Popular Professor

Pharmacy students and the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Ibadan mourns as news came today, January 13, 2021, of the passing away of their beloved professor and lecturer at 47, Professor Olajire Aremu Adegoke, a professor of pharmaceutical chemistry. He became a professor in 2012 and has 102 research items credited to his name, 29,345 reads and 744 citations. Read more

Prof Adegoke, Pharmaceutical Chemistry UI

Professor A.O. Adegoke was also the Head of Multidisciplinary Central Research Laboratory of the University of Ibadan which became operational in 2010.

Reports we get proves that most students taught by him qualifies him as a father, a model and a lovely teacher.

A number of pharmacy students and pharmacists have taken to their WhatsApp status to comment on his greatness and to what extent they would miss him. One of them recounts how he would always print materials for almost the whole class, bills on him, no matter how bulky. How he would run through the basics of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology to communicate a point effectively during his Pharm Chem classes; how his classes were relaxing and a good environment for assimilation and how that he was a good Christian to them.

Another student’s reaction to the loss was, “he was more than a lecturer to me, he was my discipleship class teacher, hearing you preach in church with some elements of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was really delightful”.

Another said, “hello friends, that’s how he addressed us and that’s what we were to him. Rest in peace, Prof”

Another graduate pointed once again how he would address his class as friends and how he popularly calls pharmaceutical chemistry beautiful science, saying molecules speak to him. Even students from other universities like Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife, where he did sabbatical, have commented on his greatness as a teacher, with one indicating that she considered doing masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry because of him.

A number of reactions have proven that this is a big loss for the University of Ibadan, the Faculty of Pharmacy, and for the students specifically, even past and present. We send our condolences to his family members and wish them strength to bear this loss.

IN OTHER NEWS – The University of Ibadan has released her proposed academic calendar for 2019/2020 session which should commence with students’ arrival on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

New 2019/2020 session
Closing 2018/2019 session

There have been hearsays though that the classes could be virtual. This is very unconfirmed at the moment. For quick details in the future, Subscribe to our WhatsApp TV channel here.

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