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***One way no enter market,na wetin make Mama putt dey sell meat pie***
This is the case for many of young and aspiring musicians who have found themselves in several campus of different universities in Nigeria. University of Ibadan is not left out of the register with respect to this topic also, though more popular for it’s notable products in the academic world, she has produced notable musicians also, amongst a long list Dr. Sid stands out.

However, many of young, aspiring and energetic music artistes are quite in a fix about how to keep their music career going, even while still in school and keeping up with their academic work. Most times, with the nature of the structure in UI, it is presumed to not tolerate anything else apart from academics, so most of these students eventually have to give up on their musical dream, some for a while and others, maybe forever. Some others may choose the other way round and their academic work may end up being the scape goat for such a decision and they may eventually leave academics to pursue their ambition. It goes either way.

Although, it’s possible to actually run both sides at the same time and yet still be a successful student. I mean a successful and elite musician right from campus in which none has to pay for another. However in doing this, there are several factors that must be considered.



1. Be Deliberate: Most times, many people who claim to have a talent in singing are not intentional about it, especially when it has the ability to affect their academics, the interpretation of being delibrate often comes as “leave book” but it’s not entirely true. Being deliberate in this regards mean, to make a decision to want to succeed in both areas (music and academics wise) and giving them both, equal and objective opportunity to be expressed. Having the talent is not enough, so also **vibes and inshallah*** is not enough either, be delibrate by taking the decision to explore every possible opportunity that can help foster your growth and achieve your goal.

2.  Develop your talent: In as much as you can have a talent, it’s not enough, develop it! Why many youngsters may not eventually “blow” is because of lack of development of their talent. Talent only is not enough, it’s like a gold bar containing impurities, it’s value won’t be appreciated. If you are so confident in your talent, develop it. Have a goal or most likely a role model you might be drawing inspiration from.(sample them). Even though, it’s not advisable to sound just exactly as s/he is, but be able to have someone that influences your sound and energy. It’s important you develop your talent.

3.  Take opportunities: The university environment is an entirety of a world on its own, with opportunities laying all around on the streets, but only a few tap into it. As a young musical artiste, it’s important to take opputinities as they come. There are going to be several rap battles organized by different groups and organizations, take such opportunities as a rapper. Freestyle challenge is also inevitable, maximize such an opportunity. Several hall weeks and department dinner and faculty dinners too are sure events that must happen in a session, that’s a whole lot of opportunities to be maximized and many more or such. The popular saying that “opportunity comes but once” is very true. Opportunity comes, but only when utilized, can it be maximized. Be willing to do giveaway or free performances



4.  Move with people of like Minds: A really huge factor that shapes out action and inactions on a long term are the relationships we keep. As a young and aspiring musician still on the university campus, it’s advisable you move along with people who have such agenda also. Imagine this, It would be wrong if your aim is to be a musician but you are always in the midst of footballers….it’s important you identify people with like minds and passion simply because they are the ones that will know where the opportunity lies and also the encouragement needed to keep the drive when it looks dim, chances are very high it’s may look dim at some point in time. Such person are expected to have the needed connection to scale up your movement and to ensure your growth speedily (you need the connection). Two heads are better than one.

5.  Get a manager: ghen ghen, this looks impossible right? Wait… Be calming down.  One of the best ways to secure your success as a musician on campus is to get a manager. The stress of having to meet up with academic and music demands can be overwhelming, it’s advisable you get a close associate who helps out in one or two places to get things fixed and not cause unnecessary lagging, just as it was stated earlier, two heads are better than one ( good heads though). It’s advisable to get a trusted and close pal that believes in your talent and your dream and is able to invest time, resources and energy into your dream, anyone who accepts to eventually be your manager is as important as you yourself and should be treated as one who is important. Though it may be hard trying to convince people to believe in your dream especially when there is no immediate gratification attached to it at it’s infant stages, but if you have any relative on campus, sell your idea to him it would be easier to get him on your side or maybe a close and trustable friend,** your GEE**

6. Leverage on Social media: it’s no fluke nowadays that the global market is digitalised. In order to shine and get noticed, you can upload your freestyles on twitter or Instagram and tag your favorite celebrities and share the link across your friends and class pages for engagement. Remember, it’s not a day you get recognized. Also, you are your number one hype man and fan. More so, you are your number one hype man and fan. Consistency is key! Do covers of your favorite artiste. Who knows through that, gigs can come through. In fact, just to mention a few artistes who started from twitter includes Mayorkun, Dremo and the rest. Don’t just wait and not do anything. Commercialised your talents!

I wish you a successful musical career.

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