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Trouble looms in UI as selection process to choose new VC starts afresh amidst presence of DSS

The tenure of the current Vice-chancellor of the premier university ends November 30th and the selection process for a credible VC had begun earlier in September but was marred by protest and disruptive violence from different staff unions on campus. With this new development, the Federal government through the Hon. minister of education, Adamu Adamu had ordered the fresh restart of the selection process.

On Wednesday the reselection process got underway amidst the presence of men of the DSS fully guarded and ready to maintain order. The Senate council of the university then subsequently held an election to determine who would be her representative on the joint council/ Senate representative board.

However,the two candidates who won in the previous elections conducted in September emerged winners again, although six other professors backed out of the process stating that the time of notification was too short and wondered why the council was in a hurry to conclude the process so quickly. Prof. Olapegba and Prof. Ayoola emerged winners with 302 and 299 votes respectively.

Remember that the process had gotten underway before with 18 applicants for the seat of the Vice Chancellor already interviewed in September before the directive from the government through the Hon. Minister to suspend all process whatsoever and to restart the process from its initial stage to ensure transparency and accountability.

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