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Nationwide ASUU Strike Protest: Why All Students Must Take Part

By: TheEmerald…

After many months of silence, the students have decided to speak up against the many-months-long ASUU strike. Certainly, it is their future that is at stake. Thus, they have to take it into their hands. Even as important as this national agitation is, some students may betray the cause and sit at home.
Hence, this article aims to convince the indifferent and even “ginger” the motivated more.

Flash back to October 2020, Nigeria was hot. It was a revolutionary movement against police brutality and bad governance. The youths, for
the first time in Nigeria’s history, decided to fight back. We had had enough, so we took to the streets, crippled movements and demanded to be heard. This happened in Lagos and also in Kaduna. Oyo, Osun and other southwestern states were not left out. Abuja, Port Harcourt, Aba,
and so on. Indeed, we got the attention we needed. We adequately passed the message across; that we own this country.
Unfortunately, in the midst of all the troubles of 2020 – the pandemic, End SARS – the biggest shame was laid silent. For over 8 months, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike. The government and ASUU endlessly fix meetings. However, more often than not, the summary has been “Deadlock”. Apparently, it doesn’t look like they are ready to end it, not even for the sake of millions of innocent Nigerian students.



Finally, the students are tired of being the victims of the elephants’ tussle. For example, a UI student who secured admission since 2018 is
now likely to begin 2021 still in 100L. Needless to say, it would be a crime to neglect the nationwide ASUU Strike Protest.

We all have to take our future in our hands again as we did before. We cannot allow the wealthy and ruling-class to deprive us of our right to education while their children excel in foreign and private schools. The is a call to action! This is a call to service!! This is a call to join the army that will save the Nigerian education system!!! Join the protest, do not be silent. It is time to ‘soro

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