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Think Smart and Work Smart (Part 1)

The devastating situation of our country, Nigeria has made her veer from the dream we hope she will one day fulfil. Even the youth of the land who are the future of tomorrow are not sure of what the future holds for them but, we hope for a better day ahead. We just go to school without the assurance of a better job. 4-6 years of studying in a higher institution now becoming many years of studying, hoping to graduate one day.

With the resolution of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and Federal Government concerning education in the country, my brother and sister, nothing for us. We are just a football at the feet of these players (ASUU and FG). Majority of educated fellows look like an uneducated fellow since there’s no employment in the country. Crimes are now norms in the society since those who are meant to proffer changes are the perpetrators of the evil.

But there is hope so, brace up guy, yes, you. Life is hard, life is hard, that’s what everyone is saying. The country is bad, the government is not responding to the citizens’ demands yet, many other citizens like you and I are cashing out big time. Seriously, they are really making it out there even in the lockdown and shackles of bondage.



Bondage of governmental oppression, the bondage of strike here and there, the bondage of unemployment, the bondage of poverty… Don’t be among the many unsuccessful ones rather be among the few successful individuals. You can still join the train. Statistically, the unemployment rate is 27.1% and the underemployment rate is 28.6%. The point here is things are not getting better but worse. So wake up. Ji, masun.

Thinking smart has to do with your thinking ability, motive and mindset. Nothing comes easy but if others can do it, so can you. It shouldn’t always be something illegal. Something achieved legally last longer than illegal achievements and your name will not be brought into the mud.

Correct your mindset. Be positive-minded, have a mind like a steel trap. Talk to someone, interact with people of positive vibe, separate from negative-minded people even if they are close to you. Your motive should be good. Every bad motive pushes you to make bad decisions thereby affecting your thinking and you might end up not thinking straight.

Whatever you set your mind, you will put to action. You are not dull, you are not dumb, you are not an idiot because you are a Nigerian. You are smart, so, think smart my guy, think smart my lady. You have what it takes to be somebody. Never settle for less. Say to yourself “I’m wise, I’m not foolish”. All those innovative ideas and business strategies in you, unleash them. A lot of people are making it, so can you too. Don’t allow fear to cripple you down. ‘God when… Alaye, God dey the back of person wey sabi work, no be person wey dey lazy.’



Your business might not be booming as you wished but, there are good days ahead. It’s a phase you are passing through. A phase you need to learn, unlearn and relearn. A phase of understanding your target audience and the necessary strategies to make your business boom.

In conclusion, add to your knowledge bank. It’s what you know you will be able to put into practice. Take courses, pay for workshops and seminars, engage in volunteering services and increase your network. Everyone can not be your friend but then they can be of help one way or the other.

It’s not everyone with certificate will make use of it so, be wise. Think smart, work smart. Just like Adekunle Gold said ‘Òrémì múra síṣẹ́ ooo, work ki ooo work ki ooo…’ We move…🚀

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