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5 Strategies Used By Soda Drinks To Gradually Kill You

Many of us become bewitched whenever we behold the alluring colours of soda drinks but are often oblivious of the great danger they expose us to. Various scientific studies have shown that people’s risk of being overweight or obese is positively associated with their soft drink consumption. One single 12-ounce can of soda is made up of an average of 39 grams of sugar!

Soft drinks are great energy sources, but have little to offer in terms of nutrition. They contain majorly water, phosphoric acid, caffeine, sugar in the form of sucrose and other chemicals in the form of preservatives, colorings and flavors. This shows how insignificant they are regarding nutrition.

Identified as the predominant source of sugar worldwide, soft drinks are associated with obesity in children and adolescents. They aid the occurrence of insulin resistance, inflammation, and diseases, like obesity, type II diabetes, dental caries, osteoporosis, etc.



The following are few of the various ways through which soft drinks ‘kill’ us:

    A single can of soda drink contains about 140 calories but is actually considered to be of no help when it comes to your hunger. By adding a soda drink to all your meals for 30 days, you could gain more than three pounds of fat by the end of the month. This is just unnecessary fat which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
    Soda has been linked to an increase in type II diabetes. This disease is one of the major health challenges facing the human race today, and it is a cause of global deaths annually.
    Sugars, preservatives and artificial colorings found in soda drinks can get trapped beneath the gums. When such areas are not properly cleaned, bacteria feed on the trapped particles. This leads to the infection and destruction of gum tissue.
    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that women who regularly consume sugar-sweetened soda have an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to cut short the amount of soda you consume. Excessive consumption causes aches and pains in the joints.
    One of the things you can do to keep your heart healthy and your life long is to give up your soda habit today. The British Medical Journal suggests that drinking sweetened sodas may contribute to heart failure. Obesity and uncontrolled blood pressure, which are part of the risk factors for heart failure, have all been linked to the regular consumption of sodas and other sugary drinks.


The list is endless, but it is important to note that your health is one of the essential assets you possess. It determines how efficient you perform in your daily activities and how much more assets you can garner in your journey through life. The negative effects highlighted above are just few of the scientifically proved consequences of excessive soda consumption. In your own interest, reduce your level of consumption of sodas as much as possible to live a healthier lifestyle!

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