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10 Things You Don’t Know About the UI SU

The Students Union of the University of Ibadan has come a long way in history. Its impacts are not just limited to national fronts, they also spread across the globe. Perhaps, you already know some of this and more. But this post will show you 10 other things you probably do not know about the Student Union.
Having any doubt? Let’s get to it then.

1. The Historic Protest Against the Anglo/Nigeria Defence Pact

In 1962, the Students Union of the University of Ibadan embarked on a nation-wide demonstration against the signing of the Anglo/Nigerian Defence Pact. As a result, the post-independence Nigerian Government dropped the idea of signing any defence pact with Britain. This protest brought the Student Union to limelight especially across Africa and Europe.

2. Leading Nigerian Students to Protest Gen. Murtala’s Assasination

Following the assassination of head of state, Gen. Murtala Mohammed by Dimka-led military coup in February 1976, the UI SU led all Nigerian students on a peaceful demonstration to protest and condemn the abominable act.

3. Procedure of Voting to Protest

Before any resolutions on University-wide, state or national issues involving the boycott of lectures and/or demonstrations taken by the Student Union Executive or the Student Representative Council become effective, they must be ratified by at least 51 percent of the general body of students voting in a referendum supervised by the Deputy Registrar (Students). Such a resolution must be approved by the University authorities.

Any resolution of this nature made outside this procedure is null and void, and any student who acts in accordance with such resolution may be found guilty of misconduct.

4. You Can Become a Life Member of the UI SU

Life membership may be conferred on such past members of the Union as may be appointed by the Students Representative Council to the Roll of Honours of the Students’ Union due to their past activities in the Union as well as their interest and role in public life.

This shall be by a motion supported by 4/5 of the members of the governing council( SRC) at a special meeting of the council and such person shall be awarded a certificate signed by Union President and SRC speaker.

5. The Culture of “One Tenure Per Session” Has Roots in UI SU

The election of students to student union offices for a tenure of one session has its roots in the University of Ibadan. This began when students found out that tenures of a semester, as obtainable in schools like Harvard and Oxford, were cumbersome. One tenure per session was much easier as it gave ample time to settle backlogs and execute planned projects.

6. Kunle Adepeju is the first Student Martyr in Nigeria

Kunle Adepeju is the first student matryr in Nigeria. He was killed by a stray bullet 1971 during the student union protest against the school management. The Student Union Building fondly called SUB has been named after him: Kunle Adepeju Building

7. SUB Swimming Pool

The SUB Pool was formerly under the administration of the SU before it was handed over to the school management for better and more effective management.

8. Ojo Aderemi is the shortest Serving Union President

Ojo was a sworn in on May 8 2017 and the Union was suspended in May 30 2017, making 22 days in office. This was following a protest on May 29 on the issuance of ID cards to students.

9. The Union has about 30,000 members

Across all University of Ibadan 12 halls of residence and 15 faculties, there are about 30, 000 members of the UI SU. This includes both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University, but doesn’t include the Distance Learning students.

10. The Union has been suspended more than 3 times in history.

The Student Union has been suspended more than 3 times in history, with the latest being 2000 and 2017. In fact, there was no elected Students Union executive members from 2000 to 2011.

What other facts do you know? Feel free to share in the comment section!

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