Will The Fist Movement Revive Nigeria?

The clenched fist symbol which has been synonymous to fight for freedom from oppression, be it constitutional or institutionalized system. The symbol also tally with the official logo of University of Ibadan Students’ Union, the mother of all students’ unionism in Nigeria.

However, in the past few weeks, it has been the core face of struggle for the end police brutality campaign in Nigeria. Many ideology have been presumed to have emanated form the protests ranging from police to governmental reforms and much more. Even to some, it is an avenue for a youth centred democratic party to be established.

The system at which the protest procedures have taken shape can be likened to that which can be found in students’ environment where students stand grip to a course with no sign of compromise till their demands are met. However, the #EndSARS protest which consists of no leader has solely been championed by the youths with the onus of creating a new Nigeria that they had always foresee, but could the vulnerability of students to the long standing ASUU strike constituted the movement?

But what next after advancing from this #EndSARS protest, would the youths see this as an opportunity to have a voice and viable say in how the affairs of this country is being run. Many would argue about the capacity and capability of the youths to producing good leadership, accountability and nationalistic value that is required to govern a nation which has been demonstrated from the proceedings of donations from well meaning Nigerians. Refreshments have been made available across protest centres, not oblivious of the free medical services being rendered and security all being provided by the youths without any governmental overseeing. The power of entertainment has brought the energetic age group together, “the Naija spirit” has given us a compass of identification and togetherness with no respect to age, ethnic, tribe, religion or even societal standing.

The voice of the youths have been enlarged by prominent Nigerians who have added their names and societal strength to give it the necessary international recognition.

Could it be that the future of the nation is just about to reveal itself and the main actors which is the youth is taking the centre stage? Are we at the brink of a new Nigeria devoid of separation and marginalization? Or will this FIST movement birth the nation of our desired taste? Would it revive Nigeria?

By OluwaGbera

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