Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Intellectual Progress of UItes

Covid-19 is a calamity that came to the world unprepared, bringing lots of stagnancy in every area of life. The wind it blew, every vomitus poured out, and effects of its presence within the human race are marks that will be remembered for centuries to come. The sudden deterrent caused to the academic calendar resulted to an impromptu break which is indeed a tragedy that affected all and sundry intellectually.

Learning is an activity that needs consistency so as to spring forth the much needed and required result from its host (in this case, students). It must be noted that a long halt to academic operations will cause a whole lot of effects to the intellectual progress of students.

The sudden dearth of student presence plagued onto the campus environment surely caused some negative effect both emotionally and intellectually. The rate at which one assimilates and gets things right, academically, being in school significantly differs from what you will get at home. The school environment have some spirit of “bookish” aura which spurs senses to brains, reminding students of their primary goal. Furthermore, the consistency in attending lectures, preparing for series of test and the intimidating displays from friends who are ‘Jakometers‘ are enough to create the vibe to read. But when all these are absent for a long while, it is obvious and clear to perceive the negative impact it ushers in to the intellectual progress of students.

It is over six months since University of Ibadan campus had the luxury of experiencing the presence of Uites in its environment and we are still counting the days. Yet, the adverse effect of this is delimiting and depreciating the educational capability and mental progress of young minds in the course of their long stay off the learning environment.

So much are been felt, a lot is being said and heard on what the Covid-19 pandemic has caused to the intellectual progress of Uites. In fact, some Uites shared how the pandemic had affected their intellectual progress.

“Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has killed the enthusiasm of tasking one’s brain to solve problems. Being confined or restricted to a certain place for a longtime without having to attend lectures, take tests and exams and to do other intellectual related stuffs has made us less of a student.” – Eleojo Gift, Economics and Education, 200l.

“I would have gained a lot of experience, added more to my mental capacity and learnt lots of things academically.” – Osungade Oluwatoyin, CLA, 300l.

“Informally, it has enhanced my intellectual progress but formally, reverse is the case as I hardly could tell the last time I read a course material.” – Boluwatife, Political Science, 200l.

“It hasn’t, just that my brain works mostly under pressure, the buzz and the bookish life of a student turns you on in school which is presently missing.” – Olaoluwa Daniel, Civil Engineering, 300l.

“The act and responsibility of reading books from time to time is not there since there is nothing to drive and push one to do so which is and will have serious effect on intellectual progress.” – Olusegun, Economics, 400l.

The full-blown effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is probably yet to come as these kinds of circumstances take quite some time before their full effects are perceived. We hope to get the academic calendar back on the running phase as soon as possible in a bid to help progress intellectually and holistically.

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