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  1. This is not the first time of them meeting to resolving this issues..

    They should stop fooling theirselves and stop deceiving we student

    can they not do the resolvation scretly and announce the feedback openly, make dem no give somebody heart attack O

    To hell with Buhari if the feedback will not be a positive one
    #Spoilt nigeria.

  2. We will wait and see. Wonderful words from the Minister of Labour if only the Government is sincere in complete resolution of the crisis once and for all.

  3. This is unlike our own Buhari. This one doesn’t talk except in Mali or Togo or Burkina Faso. Whenever they have written a script for him to deliver. I don’t mind if Aisha Buhari is declared the defacto President of Nigeria by doctoring of Necessity. At least, she would have been a better Commander of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

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