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On a secular dated on the 16th September, 2020, the Director of SIWES or SWEP Industrial Training Programme University of Ibadan, Dr. A.O. Ojelabi notified students undergoing the 2018/2019 Industrial Training which was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to resume from Monday, 21st September, 2020.

The Industrial Training was suspended on March 2020 after most students had only spent about a week of training.

The secular also contained some guidelines students should note:

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  • Students should continue to comply with the COVID-19 protocols as laid down by the Federal Government Task force on COVID-19 and maintain personal hygiene as they resume the training.
  • Students who were yet to be posted or collect their training documents before the suspension should report to ITCC immediately.
  • Any student who has challenge of being absorbed back for the training with their employee should notify ITCC.
  • Students who are yet to stamp their Employers’ Evaluation Form should do so at the Centre.
  • The Centre will make arrangements to supervise students on training.
  • Students visiting the Centre without wearing their face masks will not be attended to.
  • Students who continued their training in spite of the pandemic and have completed their training period are not affected by this notice.
  • Students should please comply with this guideline for a smooth, safe and successful training programme.

Beyond the resumption of Industrial Training which is a green light that school activities might resume soon all things being equal (i.e beyond ASUU), the session tag 2018/2019 doesn’t go unnoticed.

The University of Ibadan has consistently ran short of other universities in the country calendar wise. It has been normal for a couple of years now for the University of Ibadan to resume a new session in April – May yearly when other universities resumed that same session in October – November the previous year. Of course this has had its share consequences; a notable one being UI law graduates either having to forfeit Law School the year they graduated and join the other year or resume late.

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Thanks to the outgoing VC, Prof. Idowu Olayinka and the cooperation of the university unions and sister unions, the University of Ibadan has used several methods in an attempt to balance her academic calendar. The speed of the previous sessions and the last session specifically gave high hopes of an academic calendar slowly edging back to normal like other universities until the pandemic.

The question is, how much has COVID-19 affected the University of Ibadan academic calendar? Yes, the pandemic affected the world and invariably every tertiary institution in the country; but could it have affected us more? Would students have to forfeit a year considering we were months behind other schools in the academic calendar before COVID?

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